Direct Marketing - Is it Working

When it comes to direct mail marketing, marketing professionals at small and medium-sized firms all share one major concern: how can you know whether it's actually working? It's crucial to have a plan in place for evaluating the worth of your efforts and ensuring that your mailings don't end up in the recycling bin. Measuring the efficacy of marketing initiatives is just as important as launching them in the first place. In the end, not only is there a loss of money, but also an opportunity.

Your direct mail marketing campaign's efficacy should be evaluated differently than a digital ad campaign. If you are in need of printing in Los Angeles, look no further and contact Perfect Image Printing for any printing needs. 

It's also really simple to do, even though it does require some ingenuity. The effectiveness of direct mail for your brand may be tracked and measured in four different ways, with specific success indicators that you should look for.

Add a phone number that can be tracked

Utilize a special phone number made just for your direct mail marketing campaign to track leads. There are a few options for doing this. In order to track and record incoming calls pertaining to your campaign, you can collaborate with a third-party call tracking provider, which can provide you with toll-free numbers.

You can also trace the calls manually on your end, which is the more traditional option. Create a toll-free number that is solely advertised on the mailers for your campaign, and then track how many calls are made to it. (Select a local area code rather than an 800 number; recipients might find it more reliable.) Ensure that it is simple to identify which calls are coming in as a consequence of the campaign if you'd prefer to use an existing line. Typically, a straightforward "mention this mailer to earn a discount on your next XYZ" will do.

Include a special promotional code or deal

If the focus of your direct mail marketing is a particular offer or promotion, you can readily gauge its success by counting how many individuals take advantage of the offering. This is a highly flexible strategy because recipients can use it to redeem in a variety of methods, such as online, over the phone, or in person. You can measure how often the offer is utilized to keep track of all of these options.

Depending on how precise you want your tracking to be, utilize codes that are either particular to the campaign or specific to each receiver if the offers are redeemable with a coupon code. Even better, you can choose demographic or geographic-specific coupon codes.

Embedding a QR code

To immediately connect a direct mail reader to a specific (and trackable) URL created for your print ad campaign, use QR codes, which are barcodes that can be scanned by a smartphone's camera.

Make it clear what the QR code is used for. Let people know what it's for by using phrases like "Scan the code for more information" or "Scan the code to access the bargain." Additionally, since QR codes are dependent on mobile devices, make sure the destination landing page is also responsive.

QR code for electronic payments

The use of QR codes is growing.

Add a unique, trackable URL

Include a special URL that directs readers to a landing page created just for your direct mail campaign on your mailers. You can even go one step further and include a PURL (personalized URL) that is specifically tailored to each individual, like

You may generate PURLs automatically with the aid of many marketing automation solutions.

Due to its easy tracking, a URL provides you with comprehensive insight into the success of your direct mail campaign. Find out how many individuals are visiting your URL after reading your mailer using the same analytics tools you use to assess other aspects of your website. Through tactile channels, unique URLs can give a customized digital experience.

Measures of Direct Mail Marketing Success

It's not enough to know how to measure the success of your direct mail marketing; you also need to know what you're measuring for. Depending on the goals and objectives of your brand, the essential signs of a successful print marketing campaign may differ slightly, but they should have one or more of the qualifications listed below.

Response rate

Response rate The total number of people that answer your call to action by getting in touch with you, taking advantage of a promotion, or going to the landing page for your campaign is your response rate. 

Cost per action 

Divide the overall cost of your direct mail marketing campaign by the qualification you wish to track. For instance, divide the entire amount spent by the number of new consumers you attracted as a result of the mailers to calculate the cost per new client. By dividing the campaign budget by the total number of direct responses you received, you may also determine the cost per response rate.

Compared to other marketing strategies, direct mail When you've calculated how well your direct mail campaign did in terms of responses and costs, you can compare it to other marketing campaigns you've done to determine how successful the campaign itself and the advertising strategy were. To get the clearest sense of its strengths and limitations, compare it to other print advertisements as well as digital campaigns.

ROI ultimately determines if direct mail marketing is effective, as it does with all marketing initiatives. In terms of responses and sales, you want to be certain that the money you spent on your campaign was worthwhile. If you measure it properly, it should be simple to determine whether your mailings were successful in promoting your brand.

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